Our philosophy is simple when we can give your dog a better choice, and they take that choice on their own, we can shape that into a learned behavior. When people speak about training methods they generally want to claim that their method is what will produce “the perfect dog”. The truth is that most methods are proven to have a certain amount of success, but few have proven to be able to combat different circumstances, places, and distractions.

The important part to remember is not that your dog learns the “come” command, but that he will do it no matter what is going on around you. This is true for all the obedience commands. It’s great if we can get our dogs to “sit” in the kitchen for a treat, but he should be able to do it in the middle of a 3 ring circus during a hurricane if need be. Obedience training that only works in a quiet distraction free environment isn’t very realistic< or useful for that matter.

I don’t know about you, but when I got my dog I didn’t say “Oh great now I have someone to leave at home in his kennel when I go to the park with my family!” I wanted him to be able to go everywhere we go. To do everything we do as a part of our family. That’s why it’s so important that his obedience training had to be relevant, and useful. It made his life better.