1. Don’t Chew on This

    Time to ask the Dog Wizard himself about dogs and the terrible habit of chewing things. Why is my dog chewing up my stuff? You're dog could be chewing up your stuff for several reasons based on their age and the circumstances. The main causes of chewing are teething, boredom, and stress. He only seems to do it when I'm not there, why is that? That would usually be an example of stress chewing, bec…Read More

  2. Tips to Introduce Your Dog to Your Newborn

    Introducing your dog to your newborn is an essential part of making sure that your family remains safe and happy. However, training your dog (much like preparing your other children) to handle a new baby in the home has to begin long before the baby is born. With careful preparation, specialized Orlando dog training, and diligence from the entire family, your furry friend will soon learn to be gen…Read More

  3. Puppies & Christmas

    It's that time of year... Christmas puppy time. With so many people participating in this classic family tradition, we thought we'd address some do's and don't of getting a puppy at Christmas time.  What better person to ask than the Orlando Dog Wizard! So Patrick, It seems as if giving a Christmas puppy is taboo, why is that? Giving a puppy, or any animal for that matter is taboo at the holiday…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Puppy Preschool

    A puppy can be a great source of joy in your life. Dogs are loyal, affectionate, compassionate, and a whole lot of fun. The fact is, they are the cutest creatures on Earth! Okay, we might be a bit biased. If you have a new puppy in the house, you know how much happiness they can bring you, but you also know that they can be pretty wild! Whether they are chewing on things, barking at strangers and …Read More

  5. Benefits Of Dog Agility Training

    Your dog needs exercise and mental stimulation in order to lead a happy and healthy life. There are many ways to help your dog get both the physical and cerebral exercise they need. Walking them regularly is one of the most common methods. Exercising in the backyard, playing with toys, and going on car rides are also good choices. If you are ready to try something a little more in-depth and fulfil…Read More

  6. The Benefits Of Obedience Training

    A healthy relationship with your dog should be built on the foundation of obedience training. If your dog is not obedient this opens the door for a wide variety of problems throughout their life. An obedient dog is a happy dog, and you want a happy dog! There are many reasons a dog may need obedience training. The most common reason is to correct a bad habit after it has already taken hold. The fa…Read More

  7. FREEDOM for dogs!

    How can we give our dogs the freedom that they desire so bad? That’s easy! Obedience is the answer. The words Come, Heel, Sit, Down, and Place are very simple words, but when your dog can follow these simple words around big distractions it is VERY powerful. The more a dog becomes trustworthy the more they get to do which means more mental and physical stimulation which means more relaxed and we…Read More