A healthy relationship with your dog should be built on the foundation of obedience training. If your dog is not obedient this opens the door for a wide variety of problems throughout their life. An obedient dog is a happy dog, and you want a happy dog! There are many reasons a dog may need obedience training. The most common reason is to correct a bad habit after it has already taken hold. The fact is, it is much easier to teach a dog good habits from a young age than to correct an old dog’s bad habits after they have already set in. This is why we highly recommend starting your dog’s obedience training before bad habits set in, but we are here to help whatever the situation may be. Here are a few of the benefits to obedience training:

Proper socialization with people and other animals
Dog obedience training gets your dog ready for unexpected experiences. You can be confident that your properly trained dog will thrive in any environment.

Strengthen the bond between owner and pet
When you learn how to productively communicate with your dog, it will bring you closer together. A loyal dog is truly “man’s best friend.”

Avoid unnecessary problems and dangerous situations
If your dog does not reliably follow your commands, it can make your life miserable. Worst case scenario, it can also result in a dangerous situation.

If you are ready to get your dog started on obedience training, our Orlando dog training experts are here to help. We can take you through the basics of understanding what motivates your dog to obey, and help you create healthy and productive methods of communication. Call today to learn more!