How can we give our dogs the freedom that they desire so bad? That’s easy! Obedience is the answer. The words Come, Heel, Sit, Down, and Place are very simple words, but when your dog can follow these simple words around big distractions it is VERY powerful. The more a dog becomes trustworthy the more they get to do which means more mental and physical stimulation which means more relaxed and well balanced dog.

I recently trained a dog, Logan, which the owners could not walk because it was a nightmare of pulling, barking, and lunging…the total opposite of fun. The worst Logan’s behavior got the less he got walked which made the Logan more a mess because now he was getting less and less time to release his energy. So, after learning our 5 favorite words (Come, Heel, Sit, Down, and Place) so that they would work around all the distractions in his life…. POOF! A new life was born for Logan. His owners love to take him for walks now. We call it the “physics of dog ownership” – when it is fun and easy you will walk him more, take him more places, and enjoy dog ownership more.