Other Classes

Other Fun Classes

We have several other fun classes that we teach periodically to help keep the dogs’ minds mentally challenged:

Tricks Class: Teach your dog new fun tricks of all kinds, work your way towards AKC Trick Dog Titles. Visit our calendar for our next scheduled class.

ACK Canine Good Citizen Certification: We are certified evaluators for AKC CGC, CGC-A and CGC-U. We hold testing times every few months. Please visit our calendar.

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Scent Class: teach your dog to use their nose in a productive way, while fulfilling the biological need to smell.

Confidence Class: This class is crucial in the journey of confidence building! Build a stronger relationship with your dog through fun challenges and obstacles.

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Mini Group Class

Perfect for any dog with mild to moderate behavioral problems

Mini Off leash Freedom Class

Perfect for achieving off leash control

Private Freedom Program

Perfect for moderate to severe behavioral problems

Easy Does It board and trainProgram

Perfect for any behavioral problems for owners with little time

Support Class

Monthly support class is included for ALL our programs and class graduates